Where is your golf game right now? Where was it this time last year? Where do you think it will be 12 months from today? As a percentage how much would say  golf is a mental game?

 Is it time for a change of mind?

Most club golfers tend to think that learning how to use their mind to get out of their own way is just for Tour Pros. Or they decide to concentrate on working on their technique, get their swing working perfectly and once that’s all sorted, perhaps they’ll learn to deal with “all that mind stuff”.

Unfortunately this strategy just doesn’t work out for the vast majority of club golfers. It may even explain why despite all the advances in technology and the abundance of You-tube video swing tips the average handicap has not improved over the past 20 years.

So let me save you the wasted hours and thousands of pounds or dollars that you might otherwise spend on new equipment and lessons before you discover that just perhaps it’s not your swing, driver, or putter that’s the problem.

Finally discover how to go about becoming the best player you’re capable of becoming. At last you’ll learn how to stop your mind from interfering with your own performance.

Wherever in the world you are living you can book a Zoom consultation with me personally for as little as £60 or $75. Email me via the contact page and let’s fix up a mutually convenient time.

The following list is not exhaustive but a brief illustration of the sorts of areas where Mind coaching with Paul can help –

  • Does your lack of consistency frustrate you? Discover how to achieve maximum levels of confidence and consistency
  • How to stop one bad shot leading to a downward spiral destroying your round
  • What to do to really start enjoying golf once more
  • How to know whether a swing problem is technical or mental
  • How to stay calm in a pressure situation
  • How to create an effective pre-shot routine
  • Gain an extra 20 yards with ease and still hit it straight
  • How to groove your swing without leaving the comfort of your home
  • Discover the biggest cause of poor performance and what to do about it
  • Keep your concentration level high for the entire round
  • Learn something useful from every round and use this to take your game to the next level
  • How to go low, keep a good score going and shoot your lowest score ever
  • How to make your limited practice time X10 effective

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