Use Golf Pyschology to Improve Your Mental Game and Shoot Lower Scores

What is Mind Factor Golf Coaching All About?

First of all welcome to this site. I appreciate you taking the time to visit and find out more.

I’m Paul Guilfoyle, a certified Mind Factor golf coach.

Mind Factor is the brand of Karl Morris who is one of Europe’s leading sports performance coaches. Over his 30 year career Karl has coached many European tour pro golfers including six major winners. He’s also helped thousands of ordinary club golfers lower their score without changing their swing.


How much of golf is mental?

The great Bobby Jones who is famous for bringing us and winning several times as an amateur golfer the US Masters once said “golf is a game played on a 5 inch course…the distance between our ears.”

It’s interesting to note all the different answers we get when we ask golfers of all abilities how much they believe golf to be a mental game. This can range anywhere between 10 and 100%.

Mental training for golf

Now obviously golf can’t be 100% mental ! After all golf is of course a physical game where we use our body to hit a ball.

What is interesting however is that most people say they believe golf to be a mental game but very few people engage in any mental training or mental practice for golf. One of the reasons we believe this to be the case is that they simply don’t know what to do or know what works  to effectively train their golf brain.

Golf mind coaching

So what we do as a Mind factor golf coach is provide the tools the golfer needs to produce a winning golf mind. We can’t guarantee you’ll win anything but we will work with you to maximize your potential. One definition of success is to become as good as you are capable of being.

How to focus in golf

As far as we know human beings are the only animals capable of thinking about past events as well as projecting thoughts about the future. In fact we seem to spend very little of our time actually in the present.

It’s become a cliche to talk about the importance of being in the present moment but this is essential to performing well at any given task. The vast majority, around 85-90 percent of our time spent on the golf course is spent not actually playing golf by which is meant not actually hitting the ball.

It’s impossible to fully concentrate for 4 or 5 hours so we must find ways to deal with this.

There’s just so much time to get angry thinking in the past about the the bad shot we just hit, the double bogey we just made. Or coming off the front nine on track for our best ever round, thinking about winning the tournament or having our handicap cut. I’m sure you’ve noticed both scenarios so often occur almost immediately before the wheels completely fall off.

The ability to think in the past and learn from our mistakes or imagine a future enabling us to plan and develop strategies may be great for the human race but it can be disastrous for us as golfers.

Much of our coaching is designed to help you spend more time in the present and prevent the mind from interfering with performance.

Bob Rotella and golf pyschology books

There is some great information available these days to improve the mental side and develop your mental toughness for golf. Bob Rotella and Karl Morris have some excellent products available which we have no hesitation in recommending if you haven’t already become aware of them.

In due course where I believe they can help you improve I may post a link or two  to some of the products that I recommend.

It’s important to appreciate that the average handicap in Europe and USA is around 16 or 17. What’s remarkable is that despite all the improvements in technology and all the free technical information available on the golf channel and Youtube there appears to have been very little improvement of this average. You need to ask yourself why that is.

So much of the free information available is more about golf swing than playing golf. I want to make it clear that I’m not a Pro golfer.  I’m a 59 year old amateur golfer. A few years ago before I became a Mind Factor Coach I had a handicap of 7. I’m not playing golf any more often but I’m currently 4.7 with a goal to go lower. I’m achieving my goals  despite getting older and without changing my swing.

As a mind coach we are not saying that technique isn’t important, far from it and there are a very few things I’ll happily recommend that will enable you to improve your technique.

I’m a coach not a teacher and that means I’ll help you experiment. Rather than imposing the way on you our coaching is very much about providing an environment for you so that with accountability you can find your way, a what works for you.

We’ll empower you to become a better golfer, to maximize your potential, become as good you can be with a process that you can take ownership of rather than becoming dependent on some swing coach.

Our ultimate objective is be there for you, providing accountability should you require but as soon as possible for you to become self reliant.

Lessons for golf beginners or advanced players

Although there is some great information available online there’s also many rabbit holes for the unwary to fall down.

Nothing beats a 1 to 1 session with a certified mind factor golf coach either in person or online via zoom.

What to do next…

To discover more about our mind factor golf packages designed to help you maximise your potential, shoot lower scores and even start to enjoy this great game more than you thought possible,  phone or email me via the Contact page or book an introductory mind coaching session.