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Paul Guilfoyle is a Certified Mind Factor performance golf coach coach having trained under the supervision of Karl Morris one of Europe’s most successful golf mind coaches. The Mind Factor logo and branding is used with the permission of Karl. You can find out more about Karl Morris, his products and his work by following the links below.

Some of Karl’s most popular products include the following:

5 Shots Lower Without Changing Your Swing

You may at first think it’s crazy that you could reduce your score by 5 shots or more, without any complicated, expensive or time consuming swing changes… but that’s the kind of difference that a top mind coach can help you achieve.

Can you imagine the satisfaction of finally breaking that score barrier?

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The Secret to Consistent Golf

The key to consistency boils down to 7 Rituals which are used by the top players in the world. If you work these 7 Rituals into your game, you’ll unleash the consistent golfer inside you.

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