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There are hundreds if not thousands of products online that you can buy. Unfortunately some are pretty inferior and are more likely to damage your game than help you with your golf.

I recommend very few products. I only recommend ones that I have used myself and that I truly believe are capable of helping you become a better golfer.  If you buy one I recommend through my affiliate link I should get paid a commission. This doesn’t change the price you pay, but it does help support what I do.

So if you feel I’m helping and you want to return the favor, this is a great way to spread the love, and I really appreciate it.


If you do buy using my link, as my bonus to you wherever you live in the world I offer you a free coaching session with me via Zoom. Simply email me with your receipt of purchase and we’ll arrange a mutually convenient time. The email address to send to is paul (at)

Here is a list of my top recommendations with links to my full review of the product.

“The Lost Art of Playing Golf” by Karl Morris and Gary Nicol

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“Renegade Mindset Techniques For Golf” by Stephen Ladd

You may find this one a little off the wall but I’ve found it useful. It’s not for everyone.

Full review – Click here for my full review

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“5 Shots Lower Without Changing Your Swing” by Karl Morris

Discover The Secret Mental Game Habits That Separate The Best Golfers From The Rest

Full Review Coming Soon…

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“The Players Programme Deluxe” by Karl Morris

Start With An Unfair Advantage…Unlock Your True Golfing Potential And Shock Your Golf Buddies

Full Review Coming Soon…

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Mind Factor Coach Certification by Karl Morris

The full 4 day course Online. Get the full set of tools and techniques that have been tested and used by players at the highest level.

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